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Simply click on the ‘Get a Call from our Sales Team‘ button above to register for our paid services. Our executives will reach out to you and explain our services in detail. Our paid services provide businesses a platform that gives them better online visibility and access to various features and benefits. You can choose from the following paid services which we offer.

Manage Catalog

You can follow the steps shown below to add the products to your IndiaMART catalog page: Log into Go to Manage products and click on Add Products. Add product details- product name, image, description, product group, etc. and click on ‘Save’. Add specification/Additional details-brand, model number, screen size , and click on ‘Finish’ After you have added a new product, it is approved/rejected within 24 hours by our team.


Daily Buyleads will be allocated to your account on a daily basis as per your packages

Manage Company Information

You can update your company details by following the steps mentioned below: Visit Log in using your mobile number Go to Company Profile >> Business Profile. You may add or edit relevant business information Click on save Note: You can only edit your primary mobile number and not delete it since it’s a prerequisite to have a profile on Tradesfolks

Seller General Support

When a buyer is searching for products which you sell, he/she will be able to see your catalog listing on Tradesfolks platform. Buyers can choose to connect with you through three channels: Post a buy requirement on Tradesfolks Post a direct enquiry on your catalog Call you through our preferred number service Sellers can view the business enquiries here Note: Tradesfolks is only a platform for connecting buyers with suppliers. It does not have any role to play in the transactions between the two parties.

Payment related queries for Sellers

Lead Manager on your seller panel is designed to organize, manage and track all your leads in the most efficient way and convert them into business. It helps you view your conversations with buyers across all platforms (desktop, mobile site, app and emails) at one place Tradesfolks Lead Manager is power-packed with these features: Manage Your Contacts Send Instant Reply Saved Replies Create Quotation Reminder Notes Labels Enquiry Email Syncing

General Help

Tradesfolks Bug Bounty program is our way to reward security researchers for finding serious security vulnerabilities in our core application For further details on eligibility, program rules and scope, please refer Tradesfolks Direct Shopping Program.

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Electronics Black Wrist Watch

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