Tradesfolks International Station (Tradesfolks International Station), founded in 2016, is the first business section of TRADESFOLKS PVT.LTD. and has become the Fastest Growing B2B e-commerce platform for cross-border trade. At present, Tradesfolks International Station has provided high-quality suppliers and sources of goods for global professional buyers (including but not limited to brands, trade agents, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, etc.); platform, and provide international trade supply chain services such as customs clearance, tax rebates, trade financing and logistics. (Tradesfolks International Station) has been ranked No. 1 in's international trade, e-commerce, trade market, and import and export trade websites for many years, and has been rated by Forbes magazine for 8 consecutive times. "World's Best B2B Websites".

Authorized channel distributor of Tradesfolks International Station

The authorized channel merchants of Tradesfolks International Station refer to the authorized channel merchants who are authorized by Tradesfolks International Station and engage in the sales and services of commercial products of Tradesfolks International Station in the Indian market.

Which regions (cities) are recruiting authorized distributors for international stations?

Tradesfolks start to covering all the Indian cities,and make authorided distributors for international perpose.

Based on the primary and secondary markets, through the professional sales capabilities of the Internet industry, we provide sales and follow-up services to the commercial products of Tradesfolks International Station. Through ecological links and high seas, we can quickly realize large-scale international station customer signing and services.

  • Independent sales team
  • Sales and operation experience of Internet commercial products
  • Familiar with Tradesfolks ecological related products
  • In line with Tradesfolks values
  • Why become an authorized distributor of Alibaba International Station?

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    Platform business opportunities

    Relying on the international station business platform to obtain more diversified business development opportunities

    Organizing team building

    With the help of the international station empowerment system, build a strong sales and operation team

    Foreign trade development opportunities

    Join hands with thousands of INDIAN SMEs to explore global trade opportunities

    Commission income

    Diverse commission and incentive policies

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